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Cattell Test (Variant C)

1. I think my memory is better now than before
2. I could live alone, away from people.
3. Assuming that the sky is “below” and that it is “hot” in winter, I would have to name the criminal:
4. When I go to bed, then I fall asleep:
5. If I drove a car on the road, crowded with many other cars, I would prefer:
6. At the party, I give others the opportunity to joke and tell all sorts of stories.
7. It is important for me that there is no confusion and mess in everything around.
8. Most of the people with whom I am in companies, of course, glad to see me.
9. I would prefer:
10. I am amused by the discrepancy between what people do and what they later tell about it.
11. Reading about any incident, I am interested in all the details.
12. When friends make fun of me, I laugh with everyone and do not take offense.
13. If someone is rude to me, I can quickly forget about it.
14. I like to come up with new ways to do any work than to follow tried and tested techniques.
15. When I plan something, I prefer to do it on my own, without any help.
16. I think that I am less sensitive and less excitable than most people.
17. I get annoyed by people who cannot make quick decisions.
18. Sometimes, though briefly, I had a feeling of irritation towards my parents.
19. I would rather open my innermost thoughts:
20. I think that the word opposite in the sense of the opposite of the word “inaccurate” is:
21. I always have enough energy when I need it.
22. I'm more annoyed by people who:
23. I enjoy inviting guests and entertaining them.
24. I think that
25. I usually have to overcome embarrassment.
26. My friends more often
27. If a friend deceives me in trifles, I would rather prefer to pretend that I did not notice this than expose him.
28. I prefer friends:
29. I can not indifferently listen to how other people express ideas opposite to those in which I firmly believe.
30. I care about my past deeds and mistakes.
31. If I could do both equally well, I would prefer:
32. I like sociable, convivial people.
33. I am so careful and practical that less unpleasant surprises happen to me than with other people.
34. I can forget about my worries and responsibilities when I need it.
35. I can hardly admit that I am wrong.
36. At the enterprise I would be more interested in:
37. Which word is not related to the other two?
38. Something that distracts my attention to some extent:
39. If I had a lot of money:
40. The worst punishment for me:
41. People need more than now to comply with moral standards.
42. I was told that I was a child:
43. I would prefer to work with devices and instruments.
44. I think that most of the witnesses in court are telling the truth, even if it is not easy for them.
45. Sometimes I do not dare to put my ideas into practice, because they seem impracticable to me.
46. I try not to laugh at jokes as loudly as most people.
47. I never felt so unhappy that I wanted to cry.
48. I like it better
49. I would prefer to take a vacation
50. Efforts spent on making plans:
51. Reckless actions and statements of my friends in my address do not offend and do not upset me.
52. Successful affairs seem easy to me.
53. I would prefer to work:
54. The house refers to the room as a tree:
55. What I am doing is not working for me:
56. In most cases, I prefer:
57. Some people probably think that I talk too much.
58. I like the person better:
59. I make decisions
60. I am very impressed
61. I consider myself a cooperative person,
62. I prefer to talk with people refined, refined than with frank and straightforward.
63. I prefer
64. If a person does not respond to my words, then I feel that I must have said something stupid.
65. During my school years I received the most knowledge
66. I avoid social work and related liability.
67. If a very difficult question requires a lot of effort from me, then:
68. I experience strong emotions: anxiety, anger, laughter, etc., seemingly without definite reasons.
69. Sometimes I think worse than usual.
70. I am pleased to do a man a favor by agreeing to make an appointment with him for a time convenient for him, even if it is a little inconvenient for me.
71. I think that the correct number to continue the sequence 1, 2, 3, 6, 5, ... -is:
72. Sometimes I feel short bouts of nausea and dizziness without a specific reason.
73. I prefer to give up my order rather than to bother the waiter or waitress.
74. I live in today more than other people.
75. At the party I like:
76. I express my opinion regardless of who listens to me:
77. If I could go back in time, I would like to meet with:
78. I am forced to restrain myself from not settling others affaires.
79. While working in a store, I would prefer:
80. If people think badly of me, I do not try to convince them, but continue to do as I see fit.
81. If I see that my old friend is cold with me and avoids me, I usually:
82. Many troubles occur because of people::
83. I take great pleasure in telling local news.
84. Neat, demanding people do not get along with me.
85. It seems to me that I am less irritable than most people.
86. I can more easily disregard other people than they do with me.
87. It happens that all morning I don’t want to talk to anyone.
88. If the hands of the clock meet exactly every 65 minutes measured by accurate watch then this clock is:
89. I get bored:
90. People say that I like to do everything in my original way.
91. I believe that one should avoid unnecessary disturbances, because they are tedious.
92. At home in my spare time I:
93. I am wary of making friends with strangers.
94. I believe that what people say in verse can also be expressed in prose.
95. It seems to me that people with whom I am on friendly terms may not be friends behind my back.
96. It seems to me that even the most dramatic events will not leave any traces in my soul a year later.
97. I think it is more interesting:
98. I am subject to superstition and causeless fear in relation to certain things, for example, to certain animals, places, dates, etc.
99. I love to reflect on how to make the world better.
100. I prefer games:
101. At night I have fantastic and ridiculous dreams.
102. If I stay alone in the house, then after a while I feel anxiety and fear.
103. I can mislead people with my friendship, although in fact I don’t like them.
104. Which word does not rely to the other two?
105. If the mother of Mary is the sister of Alexander's father, then who is Alexander in relation to the father of Mary?

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